Cost For Participating.

As with all of our sports events we try our best to keep things at a low cost to participate.  We do however need to bring in a small amount of money to keep our program running with equipment costs, insurance and related expenses.  For participants wanting to join us for cycling the fee is $10 per participant.  Family and friends joining along are NOT required to pay a fee.

Dedicated to the promotion of adaptive recreational sports to persons with physical disabilities.  


Participants are welcome to bring their own bicycles or use one of our adaptive bikes. We typically have a variety of bikes on hand as well as expert setup to allow each person the opportunity to see if a particular type of bike is able to meet their needs as well as meet with a few area equipment reps if interested in purchasing a bike on their own Family and friends are encouraged to bring along bikes of their own so that they can all ride together and make it into a group event.

Cycling times, dates and locations will vary and will be posted on our "Events" page as well as on our Facebook page or direct Email for those on our email list.  Everyone is welcome to join us at any of our events.  All that is required is a participant Liability Waiver form to be filled out and signed if not already on file for the current year and a participation fee as noted below.

We offer adaptive cycling to our participants in a variety of settings and distances for the more proficient cyclist.

We have a variety of bikes available that will be set up according to the participants needs to allow a pleasant cycling experience.  For new riders we will begin in a small and controlled environment like a parking lot.  As the participant becomes able to operate the bike we increase the area available to include bike paths and cycling trails.  Short distances to longer organized rides are possible to all participants as their skill levels increase.