Dedicated to the promotion of adaptive recreational sports to persons with physical disabilities.  

Cost To Attend

A fee of $10 per participant is required at each event to assist in covering our program expenses such as insurance, equipment purchases and repair as well as related expenses.  If additional kayaks are available and family members / friends wish to paddle around as well they may do so for $10 per person.  If a participant needs to have a caregiver or family member in a kayak nearby for safety reasons one will be provided at no additional charge.


 As with all teaching, the first rule for our program is always safety.  If we are providing a safe environment then the activity will most certainly be fun, and if it is fun then learning will automatically occur. 

We teach each of our students the following fundamental skills:

  • Proper body positioning inside the Kayak
  • Stabilizing the Kayak to prevent a Roll-Over
  • What to do when a Roll-Over occurs
  • How to use a Paddle properly if able
  • How to use Adaptive Paddle techniques if required

Our Adaptive Kayaking and Paddleboarding program is one of the best in the area.  We perform Hands-On teaching with all of our Physically Disabled participants to give each and every one a chance to do something that may not have been a possibility without our specific equipment and training.

For our first timers we spend as much time as we need on dry land going over the equipment, modifications needed, positioning inside of the Kayak, special seating configurations and any other alterations that are needed to make the Kayaking experience a safe, fun and successful experience.

Once properly equipped, we enter the water with our trained volunteers right at the side of the Kayak and begin the teaching process.   

Our training takes place both in swimming pools as well as open water depending upon the season we are in and the clients we are focusing on for that particular session..

Once a student has begun to master the techniques, he or she is able to paddle around the area to further gain greater skill and reach a higher level of fulfillment - experiencing the joy of being on the water!