Participants/ Students

First-time participants will be individually evaluated to help identify what techniques and/or equipment are most appropriate for the student and the activity at hand.
Use of adaptive equipment like sit down devices and handheld outriggers, as well as individualized lessons, are provided at little or no charge, but adaptive snow skiing participants do have to buy their own lift ticket (just like other skiers do), a half day lift ticket costs $40.  We are able to accept cash, check or credit card.
If a student requires a caregiver or family member to go along on the snow ski lesson they are welcome to join us. The "companion" must be an intermediate level skier, ski or snowboard without assistance and they are expected to ski with the student at all times and not go off and ski on their own.

Instruction and Equipment

All adaptive instruction is provided by volunteers. No one in our organization is paid for any part of what they do.  Our primary instructors are typically certified by nationally recognized organizations such as the American Canoe Association - ACA and the Professional Ski Instructors of America - PSIA and have undergone extensive as well as ongoing training with adaptive recreation.  The primary emphasis for our program is on safety, but having fun is an integral and important component of the program.

Adaptive equipment is available for people with visual impairments, poor balance and people who cannot walk and use a wheelchair for daily mobility. The most common types of equipment include the mono-ski (a sit-ski that requires good balance and upper body function), the Bi-ski (a sit-ski that can be used for people with poor balance and limited upper and lower body movement) as well as long outriggers and other devices for people who can stand up while skiing.

Membership Policies can be found in the Forms menu or by clicking  HERE.

Dedicated to the promotion of adaptive recreational sports to persons with physical disabilities.  

People with disabilities who are interested in adaptive activities will be provided with adaptive instruction and equipment. A small fee will also be asked to help defray operational expenses and equipment repair costs. Sessions are provided for 2-3 hours depending on weather conditions and the student's endurance.

Instruction is geared to the person’s abilities and interests. It is essential that any person considering adaptive activities consult with their physician to make sure they are medically stable. Adaptive activities, although generally safe, can be strenuous and physically demanding.  We reserve the right to refuse a session to any student we feel is not appropriate for the activity or conditions that exist at the time.  Ohio weather can be tricky, so dress appropriately for ALL weather conditions!  

Location, Times and Dates

Snow Skiing

All Skiing is done at Brandywine Ski Resort. Adaptive skiers are required to purchase a lift ticket like everyone else and all lift tickets are purchased through our program.  DO NOT purchase them from the ticket windows!

Sessions are available to adaptive skiers on a reservation only basis.  If a student does not have a reservation and shows up they will NOT be able to ski.  The sessions are on Sunday mornings and afternoons as well as Tuesday evenings if the ski area is open.

We meet inside of the Equipment Rental Building, the FIRST set of double doors when coming from the parking lot, inside and to the Left by all of the adaptive ski equipment.

The ski program typically runs January & February, and into March depending on the weather.

Water Skiing

Water skiing is done at a variety of locations depending upon equipment and site availability.  Currently, we are skiing at a private lake in North Ridgeville off of Cook Road.  Ski sessions will be posted on the event calendar and are by reservation only.  Typically we will get a few ski dates during the summer season.


We kayak at Coe Lake in Berea, Sweet Water Landing in Rocky River and a few indoor pools during the offseason.  Kayaking is on a reservation basis, we prefer to be aware of who is joining us so we can make sure we have the right equipment and volunteers to have a successful experience.


We will cycle on a variety of days and times as well as locations to make the experience more exciting to all of our participants.  The specific dates, times and locations will be listed in our calendar of events.  This activity is done on a reservation basis and even though we are flexible to walk-ins, we prefer a reservation so the appropriate equipment will be available for each participant.